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BIG-IP i15800 Local Traffic Manager (512 GB Memory, SSD, Max SSL, Max Compression, vCMP, Dual AC Power Supplies)
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Application Delivery with Programmable Infrastructure
Applications drive innovation and profitability, allowing your business to leverage trends such as cloud computing, mobility, and software-defined networking (SDN). Your IT department depends on your network infrastructure to meet the challenges of today—and tomorrow.

F5® BIG-IP® Local Traffic Manager™ (LTM) helps you deliver your applications to your users in a reliable, secure, and optimized way. You get the extensibility and flexibility of application services with the programmability you need to manage your physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure. With BIG-IP LTM, you have the power to simplify, automate, and customize applications faster and more predictably.

Key benefits

Deliver applications rapidly and reliably
Optimize for today’s web applications with HTTP/2 to ensure that your customers and users have access to the applications they need—whenever they need them.

Automate and customize with programmable infrastructure
Control your applications—from connection and traffic to configuration and management—with F5 iRules LX, the next stage of evolution for network programmability that brings Node.js language support to the BIG-IP platform.

Transition to SDN and cloud networks
Realize operational consistency and comply with business needs across physical, virtual, and cloud environments with deployment flexibility and scalability.

Easily deploy and manage applications
User-defined F5 iApps® Templates make it easy to deploy, manage, and get complete visibility into your applications.

Secure your critical applications
Protect the apps that run your business with industry-leading SSL performance and visibility.

Application Intelligence

Application Traffic Management
BIG-IP LTM includes static and dynamic load balancing to eliminate single points of failure. Application proxies give you protocol awareness to control traffic for your most important applications. BIG-IP LTM also tracks the dynamic performance levels of servers in a group, ensuring that your applications are not just always on, but are easier to scale and manage.

Secure Application Delivery
BIG-IP LTM delivers industry-leading SSL performance and visibility for inbound and outbound traffic, so you can cost-effectively protect your entire user experience by encrypting everything from the client to the server. It also defends against potentially crippling DDoS attacks and provides ICAP services for integration with data loss protection (DLP) and virus protection.

Application Delivery Optimization
BIG-IP LTM dramatically improves page load times and the user experience with HTTP/2, caching, compression, F5 TCP Express™, and F5 OneConnect™. It also makes real-time protocol and traffic-management decisions based on application and server conditions, extensive connection management, and TCP and content offloading.

Application Visibility and Monitoring
Monitor exactly how your application is performing for real users based on application response times, network conditions, and user context. F5 Analytics captures applicationspecific statistics, such as URL, throughput, and server latency, reported at different levels of the service. BIG-IP LTM makes it simple to integrate with your existing tools using industry standards such as sFlow, SNMP, and syslog.

Programmable Infrastructure

The F5 iRules® scripting language—F5’s traffic scripting interface—enables programmatic analysis, manipulation, and detection of all aspects of the traffic in your networks. Customers routinely implement security mitigation rules, support new protocols, and fix application-related errors in real time. With robust and flexible iRules, you can easily and rapidly develop solutions that you can then deploy across multiple applications confidently.

iRules LX
iRules LX is the next stage of evolution for network programmability that brings Node.js language support to the BIG-IP platform. Node.js allows JavaScript developers access to over 250,000 npm packages that make code easier to write and maintain. Development teams can access and work on code with the new iRules LX Workspace environment and the new plug-in available for the Eclipse IDE, which can be used for continuous integration builds.

BIG-IP LTM includes F5 iApps Templates, a powerful feature that enables you to deploy, manage, and analyze enterprise application services as a whole rather than individually managing configuration and objects. iApps gives you greater visibility into and control over application delivery—and helps you deploy in hours rather than weeks. This applicationcentric approach aligns the network with your applications and adapts application delivery to business needs.

The F5 iControl® APIs and SDK allow automation and integration of custom applications into all aspects of BIG-IP LTM and other BIG-IP modules. iControl is delivered as both REST and SOAP APIs to fit the model best suited for your organization. With iControl, every aspect of BIG-IP LTM configuration, including most aspects of all BIG-IP modules—from device and application provisioning to application tuning and health and support initiation—can be programmatically automated to achieve dynamic infrastructures.

F5 iCall™ is a powerful scripting framework, based on TMSH (the F5 TMOS® Shell commandline interface) and Tcl, that helps customers maintain their environment and reduce downtime by automating tasks. It monitors for events and executes scripts to resolve issues quickly and predictably. iCall enables administrators to react to specified events by executing services on the management plane, such as generating a TCP stack dump on a failure, executing a specific iApp to reconfigure application network service settings, or adjusting load balancing weights on application services based on a change in health monitoring data.

Scalable Infrastructure

Cloud Ready
BIG-IP LTM makes it easy to realize operational consistency and comply with business needs across physical, virtual, and cloud environments, removing the friction of transitioning applications between traditional physical and cloud architectures.

F5 ScaleN™ technology uses the F5 VIPRION® chassis, Device Service Clusters, and the scaling capabilities of F5 Virtual Clustered Multiprocessing™ (vCMP) to enable more efficient, elastic, and multi-tenant solutions for data centers, clouds, and hybrid deployments. ScaleN moves beyond traditional infrastructure limitations and offers multiple scalability and consolidation models to help you meet your specific business needs.

Virtual Networking
The BIG-IP® SDN Services module natively supports VXLAN and NVGRE to offer gateway capabilities with BIG-IP LTM bridging virtual and traditional networks. This lets you keep things simple, applying application delivery network services across both virtual and traditional networks.

Advanced Routing
The BIG-IP® Advanced Routing™ Module allows BIG-IP LTM to provide networking routing capabilities such as BGP, RIP, OSPF, ISIS, and BFD for enhanced interoperability within the network, increasing the resilience and capacity of your network.

BIG‑IP LTM Features
Application Traffic  Management Application Delivery Optimization Secure Application Delivery
Intelligent load balancing ·
Application protocol support (HTTP/2, SSL/TLS, SIP, etc.) ·
Application health monitoring ·
Application connection state management ·
F5 OneConnect ·
Advanced routing (BGP, RIP, OSPF, ISIS, BFD) ·
SDN services (VXLAN, NVGRE)
Symmetric adaptive compression ·
RAM cache and compression ·
TCP Express ·
HTTP/2 gateway

SSL connection and session mirroring
Hybrid crypto services (Hardware SSL offload for BIG-IP VE) ·
SSL/TLS encryption offload (hardware accelerated) ·
Algorithm agility (GCM, ECC, Camellia, DSA, RSA) ·
Suite B support including forward secrecy ·
Internal/Network/Cloud HSM (FIPS 140-2) ·
SSL visibility

Application Visibility and Monitoring

Programmable Infrastructure

F5 Analytics · Performance dashboard ·
High-speed logging ·
iRules and iRules LX for data plane programmability ·
iCall for event-based control-plane scripting ·
iApps for app-level config management and deployment ·
iControl for Management API (SOAP, REST)
On-demand scaling ·
All-active application clustering ·
Operational scaling (multi-tenant and virtualization)
F5 BIG-IP i15600 & i15800 Hardware Datasheet
The BIG-IP i15000 Series is our highest performing appliance, designed for large enterprises and service providers. It delivers high-end performance for security and services in a 2 RU form factor. With 300M L4 concurrent connections, the i15x00 enables consolidation of multiple services on a single device, including TCP/IP optimization, traffic steering, Firewall, DDoS, CGNAT, and DNS. The series has the highest L4 throughput available in an appliance, supporting 320/160G of L4/L7 throughput and up to 10M L7 RPS. The series has quadruple TurboFlex FPGAs, 2x 14-Core Intel Xeon processors, 1.6TB of available use storage space, and 512GB DDR4 RAM. 4x 100G and 8x 40G fiber ports provide the highest density of high speed ports per rack unit available.
Specifications i15600 i15800
Intelligent Traffic Processing: L7 requests per second: 5M
L4 connections per second: 2.4M
L4 HTTP requests per second: 28M
Maximum L4 concurrent connections: 300M
Throughput: 320 Gbps/160 Gbps L4/L7
L7 requests per second: 10M
L4 connections per second: 4.2M
L4 HTTP requests per second: 35M
Maximum L4 concurrent connections: 300M
Throughput: 320 Gbps/160 Gbps L4/L7
Hardware Offload SSL/TLS: ECC†: 60K TPS (ECDSA P-256)
RSA: 80K TPS (2K keys)
50 Gbps bulk encryption*
ECC†: 100K TPS (ECDSA P-256)
RSA: 160K TPS (2K keys)
50 Gbps bulk encryption*
Hardware Compression: N/A 60 Gbps
Hardware DDoS Protection: 140M SYN cookies per second 210M SYN cookies per second
TurboFlex Performance Profiles: N/A Tier 3 (4x BW)
Software Compression: 30 Gbps N/A
Software Architecture: 64-bit TMOS 64-bit TMOS
On-Demand Upgradable: Yes N/A
Virtualization (Maximum Number of vCMP® Guests): N/A 56
Processor: Two 14-Core Intel Xeon processors
(total 56 hyperthreaded logical processor cores)
Two 14-Core Intel Xeon processors
(total 56 hyperthreaded logical processor cores)
Memory: 512 GB DDR4 512 GB DDR4
Hard Drive: 1x 1.6 TB Enterprise Class SSD 1x 1.6 TB Enterprise Class SSD
Gigabit Ethernet CU Ports: N/A N/A
Gigabit Fiber Ports (SFP): N/A N/A
10 Gigabit Fiber Ports (SFP+): N/A N/A
40 Gigabit Fiber Ports (QSFP+): 8 SR4/LR4 (sold separately) (QSFP+ optical breakout cable
assemblies available to convert to 10G ports)
8 SR4/LR4 (sold separately) (QSFP+ optical breakout cable
assemblies available to convert to 10G ports)
100 Gigabit Fiber Ports (QSFP+): 4 SR4/LR4 (sold separately) QSFP28 4 SR4/LR4 (sold separately) QSFP28
Power Supply: 2x1500W Platinum AC PSU (i15600) or DC (i15600-N) 2x1500W Platinum AC PSU (i15800) or DC (i15800-N)
Typical Consumption: 885W (dual power supply, 48V DC or 110V AC input)** 885W (dual power supply, 48V DC or 110V AC input)**
Input Voltage: 100-240 VAC +/- 10% auto switching, 50/60hz (i15600)
-48 to -60 VDC Minimum. Start up voltage: -44 VDC (i15600-N)
100-240 VAC +/- 10% auto switching, 50/60hz (i15800) -48 to
-60 VDC Minimum. Start up voltage: -44 VDC (i15800-N)
Typical Heat Output: 3020 BTU/hour (dual power supply, 48V DC or 110V AC input)** 3020 BTU/hour (dual power supply, 48V DC or 110V AC input)**
Dimensions: 3.45” (8.76 cm) H x 17.9” (45.47 cm) W x 30.2” (76.71 cm) D
2U industry standard rack-mount chassis
3.45” (8.76 cm) H x 17.9” (45.47 cm) W x 30.2” (76.71 cm) D
2U industry standard rack-mount chassis
Weight: 76 lbs. (34.47 kg) (Dual power supply) 76 lbs. (34.47 kg) (Dual power supply)
Operating Temperature: 32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C) 32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C)
Operational Relative Humidity: 5% to 85% at 40º C 5% to 85% at 40º C
Safety Agency Approval: ANSI/UL 60950-1-2014
CSA 60950-1-07, Including A1:2011+A2:2014
IEC 60950-1:2005, A1:2009+A2:2013
EN 60950-1:2006+A11:2009+A1:2010+A12:2011+A2:2013
ANSI/UL 60950-1-2014
CSA 60950-1-07, Including A1:2011+A2:2014
IEC 60950-1:2005, A1:2009+A2:2013
EN 60950-1:2006+A11:2009+A1:2010+A12:2011+A2:2013
Susceptibility Standards:
ETSI EN 300 386 V1.6.1 (2012)
EN 55032:2012 Class A; EN 61000-3-2:2014
EN 61000-3-3:2013; EN 55024:2010
FCC Class A (Part 15), IC Class A, VCCI Class A
NEBS Level 3 compliant
ETSI EN 300 386 V1.6.1 (2012)
EN 55032:2012 Class A; EN 61000-3-2:2014
EN 61000-3-3:2013; EN 55024:2010
FCC Class A (Part 15), IC Class A, VCCI Class A
NEBS Level 3 compliant

Notes: Performance-related numbers are based on local traffic management services only. Only optics provided by F5 are supported.

*Maximum throughput.

**Please refer to the Platform Guide: i15000 Series for the latest power ratings for your specific configurations (number of PS, highline input voltage, DC, etc.).

†E CDHE-ECDSA-AES128-SHA256 cipher string tested.

BIG-IP Platforms:
Only F5’s next-generation, cloud-ready ADC platform provides DevOps-like agility with the scale, security depth, and investment protection needed for both established and emerging apps. The new BIG-IP iSeries appliances deliver quick and easy programmability, ecosystem-friendly orchestration, and record-breaking, software-defined hardware performance. As a result, customers can accelerate private clouds and secure critical data at scale while lowering TCO and future-proofing their application infrastructures. F5 solutions can be rapidly deployed via integrations with open source configuration management tools and orchestration systems. 

In addition to the iSeries, F5 offers VIPRION modular chassis and blade systems designed specifically for performance and for true on-demand linear scalability without business disruption. VIPRION systems leverage F5’s ScaleN clustering technology so you can add blades without reconfiguring or rebooting.

Virtual editions of BIG-IP software run on commodity servers and support the range of hypervisors and performance requirements. These virtual editions provide agility, mobility, and fast deployment of app services in software-defined data centers and cloud environments.

F5 platforms can be managed via a single pane of glass with BIG-IQ Centralized Management.

The core technology behind F5 Networks is the BIG-IP TMOS software. When people talk about the software modules like GTM, LTM, APM, ASM etc etc - they are referring to the logical software modules that run on the BIG-IP Traffic Management Operating System (TMOS) Software. To be clear, they are not individual hardware modules, ie you don't buy another card to add a module, it's all logical licensing. You can use the software on a dedicated Hardware Appliance, Virtual Machine (VM), or you can even use F5's Software as a Service cloud offering and let F5s dedicated NOC do all the heavy lifting with their Silverline DDoS & WAF Services.

BIG-IP iSeries Hardware Platforms

BIG-IP 2000 iSeries BIG-IP 4000 iSeries BIG-IP 5000 iSeries
BIG-IP 7000 iSeries BIG-IP 10000 iSeries BIG-IP 11000 iSeries

BIG-IP Standard Hardware Platforms

BIG-IP 2000 Series BIG-IP 4000 Series BIG-IP 5000 Series
BIG-IP 7000 Series BIG-IP 10000 Series BIG-IP 12000 Series

Viprion Chassis and Blades Hardware Platforms


VIPRION 4800 VIPRION 2000 Series Blades VIPRION 4000 Series Blades

Virtual Editions

F5 BIG-IP Virtual edition is a great option when flexibility is needed in a deployment, allowing customers to spin up environments on demand. Whether it's on your premise saving real estate & cooling costs, or in a cloud offering like Amazon Web Services - the F5 VE can be a great option to deploy BIG-IP. You can run every BIG-IP module on F5 Virtual Editions - which can be deployed on all the leading hypervisors.

The F5 VE is priced by throughput, and can be purchased for individual modules, or you can take advantage of the new good, better, best pricing model. Throughput Options below:

F5 Silverline Cloud-Based Application Services Platform

F5 now offers enterprises the ultimate in scalability and agility by offering pieces of the BIG-IP as a cloud based solution via F5s Silverline Services. Currently F5 is offering DDoS protection and Web Application Firewall services via Silverline. Stay tuned - more services are sure to be offered soon.

Professional Services
We offer enterprise class F5 Professional Services / Consulting & Support around the LTM, GTM / DNS, AFM, APM, & ASM F5 BIG-IP modules. From quick on demand iRule development & support with short time-lines, to very large complex load balancing implementations, our engineering team will go above and beyond to meet & exceed your expectations. Our primary vendor focus is F5 Networks, though over the years our client migrations to F5 Networks have drove us to master all the major players in in the industry.

Our Certified Engineers are not only experts in F5 Networks, we deeply understand Citrix Netscalers, A10 Networks AX series, Cisco CSS / Local Directors, & cloud Load Balancing technologies like Amazon Web Service (AWS) – Elastic Load Balancing & Route 53. Though we will not sell and support other ADC technologies, you can rest assured our experts are trained to dissect their configurations for migrations to the next level ADC F5 Networks provides.


Design & Planning ● New Environments
Need an architect’s guidance on exactly how to migrate your environment to the next level in Application Delivery Technology? Let our Engineers guide you through the exciting world of Application Delivery and help you design an architecture that is in line with your applications and organizations goals.
● Existing Environments
Already have some Application Delivery Technology in place? We can help Document your current Network, and identify opportunities to improve and optimize your existing architecture.
Implementations ● New Installs
We’ll discuss and capture all your requirements and provide you with detailed documentation on exactly how we’re going to reach your goals.
● Upgrades / Downgrades
Upgrading and Downgrading hardware can be very risky if proper procedures are not followed. Let us follow our proven strategies for successful upgrades to get you to that next level of code and or new Hardware.
● Migrations
Lab Staging -We can stage your changes in our lab to overcome any hurdles prior to implementation.Back out Strategies – Full back out strategies and scripts are provided to ensure a smooth cut back if needed.
Configuration Optimization
Ensure your environment is running as efficient and as securely as possible. Studying the surrounding network and picking your configurations apart line by line we’ll provide you with a full analysis report identifying open risks and opportunities for improvements.
Application Deployment When deploying new applications significant consideration needs to be taken around the load balancing technology available. Let us interface your application team to ensure your new application is taking advantage of all the features & resiliency your Application Delivery Controllers offer.

Consulting Services
The best onsite or remote consulting services for F5 Networks Products.

Our dedicated team of professionals is available to provide you with the best security solution available. We offer (onsite or remote) hourly contract consultative assistance services.

Services Include:

  • Advanced network infrastructure analysis
  • Security policy consultation
  • On-site security appliance installation
  • Hardware & software product recommendations & sales
  • Custom application development
  • System administration


Simplified Licensing
  • Meeting your applications’ needs in a dynamic environment has never been easier. F5’s Good, Better, Best provides you with the flexibility to provision advanced modules on-demand, at the best value.
  • Decide what solutions are right for your application’s environment with F5’s reference architectures.
  • Provision the modules needed to run your applications with F5’s Good, Better, Best offerings.
  • Implement complete application flexibility with the ability to deploy your modules on a virtual or physical platform. 



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